DMC Solutions Ltd.

DMC Solutions

DMC was established in 1995, after we found a need from several local companies for quick turnaround, low cost, one off electronic control solutions where there was no viable, off the shelf, solution. Our aim is to provide a one stop solution for custom interfaces and controllers.

We now offer the following services;
 Analysis of the problem / Identification of requirments.
 Create, Develop & Finalise a specification in association with you, the customer.
 Research availible solutions and source any specialist components.
 Design of apropriate hardware and software - circuit and printed circuit board design.
 Construction of prototype, in house.
 Development of embedded firmware.
 Testing & development on prototype to produce production model.
 One off or small batch production, in house.
 Larger production quantities can be arranged via other business partners.

In short, we will look at a given problem with our customer and aim to provide a selection of solutions, then work to develop the best, most cost effective, solution through to prividing a prototype and then a finished product.

Some of our previous projects include;
 Sensor multiplexors to expand the capabilities of existing monitoring/control systems.
 Simple machine interfaces/adaptors to allow the connection of thrid-party equipment.
 Software file/database converters, that allow your electronic data be imported into other
   software applications.
 Custom made interfaces that connect to a standard PC to give machine control or data
   logging capabilities.
 Stand alone control systems using a range of micro-controller chips.

Our ability to produce PCB's and customise enclosures in house allows us to respond to any required changes quickly, we can also complete a project at a competitive price with our ongoing commitment to quality.



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R. Annison


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G. Leach