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Assembly line, monitoring interface
This unit monitors data on an I2C data bus within an assembly line testing machine to establish a successfull test and issues the apropriate signal to the customers production monitoring system.

:: 1x I2C Interface Port
:: 1x Volt-free output relay
:: 1x Bi-colour LED Status Indicator
:: Self-powered via I2C bus

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Open Frame Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Control PCB
This unit was originally designed to check the oxygen consentration within a sealed camera housing and consists of the heater controller required for the sensor to opperate, a current to voltage converter and a precision amplifier to produce a 0 to 10v output.

:: 0 - 10v linear output
:: Single supply 12VDC opperation

:: Range: 10 ~ 1000 PPM
:: Accuracy: 25 PPM
:: Warm-up Time: Approx. 2 Mins
:: Response Time: Approx. 30 Seconds
:: Reproducibility: < 15 PPM
:: Power Consumption: Max 18W

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Solid State Electronic Controller.

:: Fully featured RISC MCU.
:: 96kb program flash.
:: RS-232C Telemetry interface.
:: 1x 16A Full Bridge PWM Brush DC Motor Control Output.
:: 2x dimmable low voltage lighting outputs.
:: 4x 0-5v analogue inputs.
:: 6x 500mA NPN open collector digital outputs.
:: 2x 1A PNP open collector digital outputs.
:: 8x opto-isolated digital inputs.




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